Troop 868 in Action

Seven Arrows Trail (October, 2002)

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For this month's outing, Troop 868 traveled only a few miles down the road to the nearby Old Kentucky Home Scout Reservation for tent camping at Camp Crooked Creek and a Saturday hike of the Seven Arrows Trail.  The 11.7 mile trail circles the perimeter of the Lincoln Heritage Council's largest scout reservation, winding its way around Camp Crooked Creek's lake and the back sides of Camp Lowe, the Koch Camporee Area, Cub World, and the Leadership Development Center.  Hikers encounter rock formations and creek beds that most campers who visit the reservation don't even realize are there!

Despite a steady rain all day, the forest canopy provided a surprising shield and we encountered only a few really muddy sections of trail.  Several hikers never even donned their ponchos.  Not pushing too hard and making frequent stops to examine plants or animal prints along the trail, we still managed to finish the hike by mid-afternoon.  The trail contained a few steep inclines, but overall is was easy walking --- an excellent trail for first time hikers.

Scoutmaster Freeman nurses his morning coffee.  Does this look like a man who just can't wait to go hiking? Assistant Scoutmaster Guzman prepares to hit the trail.
Hikers pause for a photo under the protection of a rock outcropping.  (L to R): Stephen, Ben, Patrick, Mr. Guzman, Chris, and Tim. And another photo as the group crosses a bridge over a creek bed.  (L to R): Mr. Guzman, Tim, Stephen, Ben, Chris, and Patrick.