Troop 868 in Action

BIRDSEYE TRAIL (December, 2007)

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Getting into the holiday season, finding a whole December weekend that works for everyone is typically pretty tough.  For that reason, Troop 868 typically plans a Saturday-only day hike.  This year, the chosen objective was the Birdseye Trail near Birdseye, Indiana.

The troop rolled out of Shepherdsville shortly after 7 AM for the roughly 90 minute drive to the trailhead.  After finding a parking spot for the troop bus, we were hiking by 9 AM.  The temperature was in the upper 30's as we began our trek, but climbed into the mid-40's by afternoon.  There wasn't any wind and everyone was pretty comfortable in sweatshirts or light jackets while walking.  We did get a bit chilly during our lunch break, but quickly warmed back up as soon as we resumed hiking.

The Birdseye is both pretty and relatively easy.  With only a few gentle hills, it's about as flat as hiking trails get in this part of the country.  For that reason, the troop had invited area Webelos to tagalong and one young man from Pack 848 accepted our invitation.  He did just fine.

We had mapped out a way to double-back at one point and make the 12-mile trail into a single day 20-mile hike, but a couple of "turtles" made that impossible, so we completed the marked trail without modification.

On the way home, we stopped for dinner at a Chinese buffet where scouts were delighted to find crabs legs among the offerings.  A bunch of our guys REALLY like crabmeat.

A few yards into the hike, the group includes happy hikers Mr. DiEnno, Cody, Dalton, Patrick, Chase, Alex, Mr. Dearmond, and Dylan. Dylan, Dalton, and Cody pause on some "stepping stone" rocks while crossing one of several creeks we encountered.
Chase seems quite comfortable during a rest stop. Dalton tries to shinny up a downed tree.
During the lunch break, Cody looks like he's ready to catch a few Z's while Dylan plays camera shy.  Mr. DiEnno is visible in back. Dalton (in red) hangs out with Patrick and Alex.  The latter two decided to cook a hot lunch of canned ravioli but forgot to bring spoons.  Watching them eat ravioli with a stick was priceless.
Mr. DiEnno, Alex, Cody, Patrick, Dalton, and Mr. Dearmond were still going strong mid-afternoon as we neared the end of the trail.