Troop 868 in Action


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Intending to attend the annual Scout Celebration at Barren River Lake's Tailwater Campground, we somehow managed to get the date wrong and showed up a week early!  But everything worked out beautifully as the good folks at Tailwater put us in the youth camping area for the weekend and we returned the favor by performing a service project for them on Saturday.  While it was disappointing to miss the Scout Celebration, the unexpected open schedule provided us with a great opportunity to work on rank advancement and several merit badges.  We even managed to find time to go swimming.  In retrospect, it turned out to be a fun and productive outing.

David (extreme left), Tyler, Philip, and J.D. huddle around the fire pit in the Falcon Patrol site. Stephen and Aaron tend the fire as chef Tim (in shades and sweatshirt) cooks french toast for Saturday breakfast.
Stephen fells a tree that's too close to the side of the road. (L to R) Tim, Clinton, and Tyler use the roof of the troop bus as a ladder to trim higher branches along the roadway.
David (in hat) teaches Pioneering.  (L to R): Chris, Joe, Dave, Aaron, J.D., Stephen, and Tim. Meanwhile, Tyler, Clinton, and Mr. Davis work on splices.
Dave, Tyler, Clinton, Trey, Aaron, and J.D. pose with Philip (who appears to be all tied up at the moment). Park Ranger Don Alexander discusses Eagle Scout service project opportunities with Joe, Clinton, and Tim.
In the Cobra site, Tim, Trey, Aaron, and Stephen all pitch in for dish duty. Senior Patrol Leader Tyler waits as J.D. and David fold the colors during a flag ceremony Saturday night.
Scoutmaster Meek chats with the troop prior to an in-camp worship service on Sunday morning. Philip reads from the Bible during Sunday morning worship.