Troop 868 in Action

Barren River Scout Celebration (August, 2001)

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Attending the annual Barren River Scout Celebration has become a Troop 868 tradition.  Fewer in number than last year due to an inordinate number of conflicts with family vacations, the small contingent who made this outing still managed to capture top honors in the "Best Campsite" contest and second place in the "Best Scoutcraft Display" competition.

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Florencio takes his turn at washing dishes. James uses a sledge to drive a 6 foot long piece of 1" diameter steel rebar into the ground.  The rebar will become one of two anchor stakes for a rope bridge.
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Up goes the first end!  Who remembers which knot we're supposed to use here?
Then up goes the second.  Keep pulling, Mr. Meek!
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The boys double-check the check before opening the bridge to the public.
Chris poses for a photo.
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A line formed quickly as soon as the display opened to the public.
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Though no one slipped the entire afternoon, two scouts walked along with each participant just in case.
Participants ascended the bridge via a ladder which had been lashed together.
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Shane spent a large part of the afternoon doing PR with
some of the Girl Scouts in attendance.
Florencio, Chris, and Aaron.
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Mr. Meek shows how easy it is. Hey, guys, it really isn't necessary to shake the rope.   Guys?  Guys!!!  Come on, fellas ... give me a break!
P8110015.gif (43454 bytes) P8110013.gif (50285 bytes)
Mr. Mikesell attempts a crossing.  Hey, who's that guy in
the background shaking the rope?
Even Mr. Guzman had to check it out!

After attending the in-camp worship service on Sunday morning, the troop quickly broke camp in order to spend several hours boating and tubing on nearby Barren River Lake.

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We're not sure, but we think this is Shane riding the waves. Hey, Mr. Mikesell, shouldn't you be watching where we're going?