Troop 868 in Action

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (August, 2002)

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Troop 868 returned for the fourth straight year to the annual Scout Celebration at Barren River Lake.  Twelve scouts and three scoutmasters made the outing.  This year's event featured a gateway competition as well as scoutcraft demonstrations by each unit.  Our guys' main interest was their gateway.  An overly ambitious initial design was unstable and had to be scrapped, but a re-engineering effort proved successful.  Completed after the deadline for judging, it didn't win any prizes but was still a source of great pride.  Designed and built 100% by our scouts without any adult help, it was both the largest and the most elaborate gateway in camp.  And it was totally awesome at night with tiki torches lashed to the top illuminating both our troop banner and the pathway in the immediate area.

While at Barren River, our scouts had the opportunity to do some night fishing on Friday night, swim on Saturday afternoon, do some hiking in the woods, and (obviously) practice their pioneering skills.  Unlike most of the troops in camp, Troop 868 operated strictly by the patrol method.  Each patrol had their own campsite and planned and cooked their own meals.

Troop 868 scouts size up the project at hand and decide how to begin. Paul, Chris, Florencio, and Shane work on some of the lashings.


Six hours later...  Chris and Florencio proudly hang the troop banner.  All that remains is to lash on the tiki torches and pick up the mess!  Posing underneath are chief engineer Dave, Scoutmaster Freeman, Assistant Scoutmaster Guzman, Alex, and Ben.


Michael and Shane display the fish they caught in the spillway behind Barren River dam.
Here's one for the family scrapbook.  Older brother (and Eagle Scout) Dave washes as his younger (not yet Tenderfoot) brother Tim dries.  SPL Chris supervises from a lounge chair!


During Saturday afternoon's Scout Skills Fair, Troop 868 demonstrated rope making.  In the photo at left, Tim whips the end of a rope he and Patrick had just made as one of the Barren River Lake Park Rangers observes.