Troop 868 in Action

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (August, 2003)

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Troop 868 returned for a fifth straight year to the annual Scout Celebration at Barren River Lake.  A smaller than usual group of 7 scouts and 3 leaders made the outing.  This year's show featured a new event called the Trail of Discovery where scouts moved through a series of stations that taught then tested basic scouting skills.  Troop 868 ran three of the stations.  Our guys did a better job of getting a campsite gateway erected in time for judging than they did last year and managed to capture 2nd place in that competition. 

One of our troop dads brought along his ski boat, so everyone had an opportunity to swim and do some tubing on Saturday afternoon.  The troop also won a prize in the "best campsite" competition.  As always, it was a fun and productive weekend despite the hot and muggy weather and two brief (but heavy) rain showers.

Troop 868's campsite featured our traditional canvas wall tents and an abundance of tiki torches. A tall, but simple gateway managed to capture second place in the gateway competition.
Dave shows Mr. Guelda how scouts fan a fire as Joe and Stephen wait to see results. Alex dips the batter and Philip works the spatula for Saturday morning breakfast.  Mr. Guelda observes.
Alex and Joe demonstrate for other scouts the proper way to whip the end of a rope. Tyler goes forward at the closing ceremony to claim a lost & found item from Park Ranger Don Alexander.