Troop 868 in Action
Barren River Scout Celebration
(August 2006)

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Troop 868 generally likes to camp different places and do different things from year-to-year, but one exception to this policy is our annual trek to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Tailwater Campground at Barren River Lake for the annual Scout Celebration.  2006 marked Troop 868's eighth straight year of attendance at this combination Boy Scout, Cub Scout, Girl Scout camporee.

With schools still out for summer break, Troop 868 departed Shepherdsville early on Friday afternoon to make the 2-hour drive to Barren River Lake and get our campsite setup before the hundreds of other campers started showing up around dinner time.  Early arrival also gave us a bit of extra time to work on constructing our campsite gateway.  This strategy proved especially smart as thunderstorms rolled into the area as most other units were arriving.  Our campsite was fully setup and all three of our patrols had just finished cooking dinner; everyone was seated under their respective dining tarps calmly eating dinner in dry comfort and enjoying the cool as the rain poured down for about an hour.

On Saturday morning, Troop 868 scouts helped staff several of the "competition" games that were designed to teach scout skills in a fun way.  Our boys ran the "Stretcher Relay," "Fire by Flint & Steel," "Rope Whipping," and "2-Man Carry" events.

After lunch our scouts demonstrated first aid splinting as a scout skill exhibit.  We then boarded the troop bus and went swimming at The Quarry recreation area only a few miles away.  We returned to camp late afternoon to prepare dinner before attending the closing campfire program on Saturday night.

On Sunday morning each patrol cooked a hearty breakfast --- no cereal or poptarts for this crew!  After flag raising and the formal closing ceremonies, we attended an in-camp worship service before striking camp.  Not being in hurry to get home, we took some time for a game of Frisbee and walked a nature trail that circles the campground to help a couple of our newest scouts work on plant identification.  We even discovered a hornet's nest in a hollow tree ... fortunately, we were able to observe a steady stream of these large wasps going in/out of the tree from a safe distance and no one got stung.

The troop arrived safely back in Shepherdsville late Sunday afternoon.  The Annual Scout Celebration is always a fun outing and a great way to conclude summer break.

Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman posed with Falcon Patrol members Clinton, Jon, and Dylan under our gateway. Jon and Clinton found a few minutes to relax in their patrol site after lunch on Saturday.
After swimming, scouts lined up along side the troop bus before heading back to camp. Adam and Tim search for a cooking utensil in the Cobra Patrol's patrol box.
Cobra Patrol member Trey chops some firewood in the axe yard. While some scouts remained in camp to continue cooking dinner, Clinton lead a small crew across the field to represent the troop at Saturday night flag lowering.  Troop 868's canvas wall tents can be seen in the upper right corner of the photo.
After dinner, it was Mr. Guzman's turn to do dish duty in the Adult Patrol. For Sunday morning breakfast in the Falcon Patrol, Patrick cooked omelets as Clinton watches and Jon changes into his class A shirt.
Troop 868 in formation at Sunday morning flag raising. Scoutmaster Meek led prayer before delivering the message at the camp wide worship service.
Adam and Conner both race for a Frisbee during an impromptu game after the worship service. With the personal gear and tents all packed, the patrols took a break for lunch before packing the rest of the troop gear.
Scouts, not scoutmasters, handled the packing of the troop truck and bus.  Trey was our Quartermaster for the weekend. Dylan, Jonathan, Connor, and Adam found time for another game of Frisbee prior to our departure.