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(August, 2007)

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For our August outing, Troop 868 traditionally heads to Tailwater Campground at Barren River Lake for the annual SCOUT CELEBRATION sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  This year was no different --- except that the trip to get there was a bit more challenging than we had planned!

The drive from Shepherdsville to Tailwater Campground is generally about a 2 hour drive.  Since the scouts weren't yet back in school, the troop departed Shepherdsville at 2:00 PM with plans to arrive mid-afternoon and get our campsite set up well before dark.  Those plans didn't work out when the troop equipment truck blew a front tire on the interstate about 30 miles into the trip.  Fortunately, no one was injured and the truck sustained only a minor dent from flying rubber, but it took us 2 hours to find a replacement tire and someone to come out and change it; then the truck wouldn't start!  It took another 3 hours to find a service garage and get it towed.  All the troop gear had to be transferred from the truck to the troop bus because we had to leave the truck at the garage.  By the time we got to Tailwater, we had only about 30 minutes of daylight remaining and we ended up having to establish a large part of camp by flashlight and lantern.  It's in situations like this where teamwork really counts ... and our patrol leaders and scouts did a super job of getting tents set up and dinner preparation under way in record time and without complaining.

The rest of the weekend went much more smoothly and the outing turned out to be one of the best times we've ever had at the Scout Celebration.  On Saturday, scouts got to canoe and kayak, do archery, chat on a HAM radio, drive a boating simulator, do some pioneering projects, and hike a nature trail.  They also prepared and performed a skit during the Saturday night campfire.  Two Troop 868 scouts who were BSA Lifeguards spent a large part of the day volunteering their services at the waterfront and our scoutmaster spent most of the day shuttling campers from other units between the campground and the outlying program areas on our troop bus.

Our poor dead truck along site Interstate 65 near Elizabethtown after the front right tire blew out. It's obvious that there's just not much left of the tire.  Note that a large portion of the tread peeled completely off.
Gabe holds the serving tray as John cooks pancakes for the Cobra Patrol on Saturday morning. Stephen, Jon, and Gabe don't seem to have any complaints about the food.
Tim, Matt, and Chris all seem satisfied with breakfast. The Cobra Patrol at breakfast on Saturday morning.
Meanwhile, in the Falcon Patrol, Jon prepares french toast while Dylan sleeps in.  Ahhh, the beauty of having a duty roster! Troop 868 scouts in Class A uniform at the Saturday morning flag ceremony as Ranger Don Alexander addresses the crowd.
Jonathan has his PFD on and waits for a canoe or kayak to become available. Troop 868 scouts generally preferred kayaks over canoes.  Chris paddles across the inlet in this photo.
BSA Lifeguard Tim (in kayak) helped steady a canoe while a scout from another unit got situated. After a good ride, Matt and Chris bring their kayaks back to shore to give other scouts a chance to go out.

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