Troop 868 in Action


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With summer attendance down due to family vacations and several troop members serving in staff positions at the local scout camp, Troop 868 decided to stick close to home and do a simple BASIC SCOUTING weekend.  The outing began with a 10-mile backpacking hike from our normal meeting site to property owned by one of our scouts' families.  The boys carried everything they'd need for the weekend --- food, shelter, and a share of the patrol gear --- on their backs.  Scouts erected their own tents or shelters, built their own fires, and did their own cooking "wilderness survival" style.  Program time during the weekend was spent teaching / reviewing basic skills such as firebuilding, knots, proper use of woods tools, plant identification, and first aid.  Every scout completed at least one requirement toward rank advancement or Hiking or Camping Merit Badge. 

It's been a long walk in the hot sun for (L to R) Alex, Chris, Jeffrey, Philip, Tyler, Florencio, Danny, and James.

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