Troop 868 in Action

CAMP ROTARY (Sept 2009)

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With a number of new scouts in the troop all needing to work on the basic scouting skills needed to earn the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and/or First Class ranks, Troop 868 decided to do a "basic scouting" tent campout for our September outing.  The location chosen was Camp Rotary near Glasgow, KY.

An overnight rain on Friday night and intermittent showers throughout the day on Saturday made firebuilding and some activities more challenging than usual, but didn't seriously hamper the weekend program.  Temperatures were warm and much of the afternoon was spent working on aquatic requirements and swimming in the camp's lake.  Scouts also took a nature hike and worked on their cooking skills.

The sun finally came out mid-morning on Sunday and we delayed our planned departure by a couple of hours in order to give our canvas tents a chance to thoroughly dry before striking camp.  The boys did a good job of working together within their patrols.

The Falcon Patrol set up camp in the back of the upper field.  The Cobra Patrol set up about 200 feet away to the right. On Saturday morning, ASM Hagerman got caught "cheating" by using a propane stove to make coffee then cook an omelet.
In the Cobra Patrol, D.J. watches Kraig (wearing goggles) sacrifice meat.  Tyler and Drew are in the background. Connor and D.J. grilled chicken for Saturday night dinner in the Falcon Patrol.
Another shower on Saturday evening prompted the group to do campfire on the back porch of the Upper Cabin. SPL Nick demonstrated (for about 30 minutes) the proper way to start a fire in a fireplace.
While the fire was being started, Dalton and Kraig studied a book of skits to learn some new ones for their patrol to perform. Dylan served as Master of Ceremonies for the campfire in fulfillment of a requirement for the Communications Merit Badge.
On Sunday afternoon, the Cobras pack their patrol gear and prepare to strike their campsite. As is traditional for Troop 868, the unit conducted a flag lowering ceremony before departing camp.