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(November 2010)

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To help our younger scouts learn basic scouting skills such as cooking, knot tying, and orienteering, the troop's November outing was a primitive campout out in the middle of a field owned by one of the our assistant scoutmasters.  Scouts camped by patrols.  Older scouts and the scoutmasters conducted classes on topics such as how to put up, take down, and fold the unit's canvas wall tents, woods tools safety, and how to use a map and compass.

Several of the boys worked on Carpentry Merit Badge and the surrounding woods provided an ideal place for scouts who weren't able to complete the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge at summer camp (due to rain nearly every night we were at camp) to build individual shelters from natural materials and spend the night on their own.

Our encampment as viewed from the adult area.  Cobra Patrol to the left; Falcon Patrol far in the back; Beaver Patrol to the right. Adam watches Nick cooking Saturday morning breakfast.  Toby and Andrew patiently sit and wait to be fed.
Tyler watches as Brixton (front) and Noah (middle) tie taut line hitches and secure the side guy lines on their tent. SPL Adam checks on Connor's progress in preparing a meal for the Beaver Patrol.
Thomas and Nicholas visit Tyler and Chase around the fire in the Cobra Patrol campsite. In the Adult Patrol, ASM Tom Jacobs and ASM Jeff Hagerman watch Scoutmaster Bob Meek cooking sausages.
Scoutmaster Meek conducted a class on how to properly setup and adjust a canvas wall tent. Assisted by Falcon Patrol Leader Spencer, the class also included instruction on how to take down and fold the tents.
Scouts Preston, Dylan, and Nick worked on Carpentry MB under the supervision of Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman. Troop Committee Member Martin Moore looked serious about a monkey fist he was weaving to make a key chain.
Scoutmaster Meek had a group of scouts gathered together on Saturday afternoon to work on Second Class map & compass. Senior Patrol Leader Adam doing whatever it is that senior patrol leaders do.  (And doing it well!)

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