Troop 868 in Action
(November 4~6, 2011)

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Troop 868 generally has a specific purpose for every monthly outing.  Sometimes the goal is community service (as in the Lakeshore Cleanup) or to assist area Webelos in their advancement (as in our annual cabin campout in January).  The theme of this month's outing was "basic scouting" and the focus of the weekend was to help scouts who were not yet First Class in rank to work on whatever advancements they needed to complete.  Several scouts were able to some needed requirements and several older scouts were able to finish up various merit badges.  Of course, there are always a few boys who fail to seize good opportunities.  But, hopefully, at least all the boys had a good time in the outdoors and learned some new things that will benefit them down the road.

The site for the weekend was a 6-acre tract of land owned by Scoutmaster Meek.  It was a true "primitive camping" experience.  We had to transport in water and even dug a field latrine.  The latter was a new experience for many of the campers.

Because the troop wasn't traveling 100+ miles away (as they do so often), parents were invited to come out for our Saturday night campfire program and most accepted the offer.  We had a great turnout of parents and even a few siblings.  For many parents, it was the first time they had ever visited one of the troop's encampments.

This was the Cobra Patrol campsite. Dylan, Nick, and Adam having lunch in the Falcon Patrol area.
Andrew and Nicholas take a turn washing dishes for the Beaver Patrol. Mr. Moore in the adult campsite.
The boys found a baseball on Saturday and decided to have an impromptu game trying to hit it effectively with makeshift bats. Adam, Spencer, Tristan, Nick, and Conner sat around after Saturday lunch in the Falcon Patrol's campsite.
Scouts from the Cobra Patrol visited the Falcons as Adam and Nick worked to make a table using materials found in the woods. The Saturday night campfire needed a bit of fanning to get going, but the older scouts knew exactly what to do and how to do it.
To close the campfire, everyone, including the parents who came, gathered in a circle to sing Scout Vespers. Afterward, everyone was invited to roast marshmallows and make s'mores or just stand around and enjoy the fire.
Chaplain Aide Noah said a prayer to open our Sunday worship service. Scouts were seated in an arc as Scoutmaster Meek delivered a message about loyalty.
Toby in a tree that he enjoyed climbing several times during the weekend. Chase meeting with Scoutmaster Meek to try and pass the First Aid Merit Badge.  He succeeded.