Troop 868 in Action

BUDDY WALK (October, 2007)

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Troop 868 scouts volunteered to spend a Saturday morning assisting with a "Buddy Walk" being conducted by the Downs Syndrome Association of Louisville.  Several scouts worked in teams and wore character costumes from McDonalds and Papa John's.  Other scouts helped out by supervising children's games in the "Fun Zone" area.  After the event ended, all the scouts assisted with take-down and clean-up.  Everyone had a good time and really enjoyed the experience.  The event was very well-organized and ran smoothly.

(L to R) Stephen, Cody, Tim (Grimmace), Adam, Nick (Pizza), Jon, Ethan (Hamburglar), Collin, and Dylan.

Grimace is pictured here getting just one of many hugs he received. The Hamburglar was also popular with both children and adults.
The Papa John's Pizza Slice and his "buddy" gives us a salute. Scouts received training from one of the event coordinators on how the various games were to be played.
Dylan is surrounded by a crowd of players anxious to play the game he is running. Jon doesn't have any customers at the moment, but he still manages to flash a smile.
Jon positions a golf ball on the putting green for a player.  The scouts rotated posts periodically.  Ethan plays escort as one of the other scouts takes a turn wearing the Pizza Slice costume.
Cub Scout Preston holds the Pack 848 flag.  Cub Scout Connor and Cubmaster Patrick McClure stand with him. The Hamburglar and Collin take a turn playing the game that Cody is running.