Troop 868 in Action

Barren River Lake Scout Celebration (August, 2000)

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The Barren River Lake Scout Celebration is hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the Tailwater public campground each year in August.   First held in 1995, the Scout Celebration has grown into a major regional event which attracts Boy Scout, Cub Scout, and Girl Scout units from all over Kentucky and several surrounding states.  The formal program opens with a campfire on Friday evening and concludes around noon on Sunday, but some units choose to come sooner to enjoy the wonderful recreation facilities available at Barren River Lake.  The 2000 Scout Celebration drew over 450 scouts!

A Scout Olympics featuring a variety of age appropriate events for Cub Scouts and younger Girl Scouts is held on Saturday morning.  Early Saturday afternoon, Boy and Girl Scout Troops set up scoutcraft displays which are open to the general public as well as fellow campers.  Late Saturday afternoon yields time for swimming, fishing, or boating in nearby Barren River Lake.

Units are evaluated by a team of judges in three areas:   campsite inspection, best display, and most overall Scout Spirit.  The highest honor is the award for most Scout Spirit and is dubbed the JIGGER in recognition of Walt "Jigger" Aspley, a living legend in the Glasgow, KY area who has devoted many years to scouting.  Competition for the JIGGER is fierce, with troops going all out to "strut their stuff" and outdo each other --- all in a spirit of friendly competition.

Troop 868 was very proud to win the JIGGER this year, edging out a very LOUD and spirited Girl Scout Troop from Georgia!  We consider this both a great honor and an affirmation of the type of program we try to conduct.   The full credit (of course) goes to our scouts, who earned this award by their diligence, attitude, and teamwork.

Scout units interested in obtaining more information about the annual Scout Celebration should contact Park Ranger Don Alexander at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (270/646-2055).

(L to R) Florencio, Dave, Jeremy, Josh, Mr. G, Shane, Mr. F, SPL Alex holding the Jigger, James, Chris, Paul, and Sam.  At right is a closeup of the inscription on the Jigger's storage bag.
SPL Alex surrenders the Jigger bell to Park Ranger Don Alexander and receives a handsome wall plaque in exchange.  Posing with the troop's plaque are Scoutmaster Mark Freeman, Committee Chairman Waldo Guzman, and Assistant Scoutmaster Bob Meek.
At left are Falcon Patrol members (L to R) Florencio, Jeremy, Dave, Shane, and Josh. At right are Cobra Patrol members (L to R) James, Jonathan, Paul, Sam, and Chris.
Troop 868's campsite won 1st Place in the campsite inspection competition.  Troop members constructed a rope bridge as a scoutcraft display and completed one of the requirements for Pioneering Merit Badge in the process.

The rope bridge proved to be one of the more popular displays.  Participants waited for a chance to cross from the time displays opened until 30 minutes after they officially closed (and we finally had to shut it down).  Troop 868 captured 2nd Place in the display competition.
Troop 868 scouts are shown here keeping a watchful eye as a participant crosses.  Shane walks around on his hands as Jeremy looks on and Florencio offers some animated coaching.
After the displays closed down, scouts had a chance to take a refreshing dip in nearby Barren River Lake on Saturday afternoon.  At right, Assistant Scoutmaster Bob Meek rings the bell as Scoutmaster Mark Freeman and Committee Chairman Waldo Guzman are left holding the bag!