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(Saturday, July 20, 2013)
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Since the month of June is pretty much consumed by summer camp, many troop scouts head off on family vacations during the month of July.  For that reason, the Patrol Leaders' Council chose to schedule a Saturday activity rather than a full weekend outing.  The activity selected was a bicycle hike of a rails to trails path between Central City and Greenville in Muhlenberg County in Western Kentucky.   The trail was 6 miles long and asphalt.  Because it was laid over a former railroad bed, it was nearly flat and very easy riding.

A small crew of 4 scouts and 3 scoutmasters turned out early on a July Saturday morning for a 3-hour drive to the trailhead.  The weather was sunny, clear, and not too hot.  Most of the trail was shaded, for which everyone was thankful.  We encountered several walkers and runners, but no other cyclists.  The round-trip 12 mile ride only took a little over 2 hours.

Afterward, the scoutmasters decided that while we were in the general neighborhood, that it would be nice to take the boys to lunch at the world famous Moonlight Barbeque in Owensboro.  That was about an hour out of the way, but well worth the extra time and effort.

Riders included ASM Jeff Hagerman, SPL Preston, Kenneth, Noah, ASM James Poyner, Matthew, and Scoutmaster Meek (taking the photo). Kenneth.
Assistant Scoutmaster James Poyner followed by Matthew. On the ride back, everyone stopped to explore an old caboose parked at the side of the trail.
Matthew climbed up and took a seat on top of the caboose. A photo of the sign outside Moonlite Bar-B-Q, just to prove we weren't kidding.