Troop 868 in Action
(May 21~23, 2010)

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Boxwell Scout Reservation is owned and operated by the Middle Tennessee Council, BSA.  The camp is located in Lebanon, TN just east of Nashville.  The drive from Shepherdsville takes about 3 hours.

This was our troop's first visit to Boxwell.  The reservation is large but the various program areas are surprisingly close together.  During a Saturday afternoon hike, we visited most of the most major areas --- the council ring, CubWorld, the waterfront, Explorer Island, the rifle range, the swimming pool, and the climbing tower --- while passing through several of the camps.  The camp is extremely handicapped accessible.  In talking with one of the camp's rangers, we learned the camp hosts several hundred scouts with various disabilities each summer and has invested significant effort in making all program areas accessible.  The swimming pool even features a wheelchair ramp and a lift chair.

One thing that surprised us was the lack of pit toilets (latrines) in each campsite.  Lodges with restrooms and shower houses are abundant and the camp has an extensive sewer system and it's own sewage treatment plant.  The lack of a latrine in our campsite was initially perplexing until we learned the location of the nearest restroom.

During our weekend visit, we camping in the Beany Elam campsite which was originally built as a home for the adult WoodBadge training program.  The site was wonderful for weekend troop camping with a large central field and several smaller patrol campsites off to each side.  It was ideal for us because we like for our patrols to spread out and operate independently.

The camp is located on the Cumberland River and recent heavy rains had caused some flooding and a problem with standing water.  As a result, we found the camp to be infested with mosquitoes.  The ground throughout the camp was damp, but generally not muddy.  

Our guys enjoyed exploring the CubWorld area.  They wanted to swim, but we didn't realize the pool would be ready to use and hadn't reserved it.  We did manage to accomplish quite a bit of advancement in the area of "basic scouting skills" and our newer scouts were able to get a good feel for the patrol method of operation.  We had a good turnout of scouts and the whole weekend ran very smoothly.  It was a good trip.

The troop in formation for Saturday morning flag raising. One of our objectives for the weekend was a 5-mile hike.  Along the way, we discovered the Cub Scout area at Boxwell.
(L to R) Chase, Toby, Connor, ASM Mike Canchola, Drew, and ASM Jeff Hagerman. A bit fuzzy because they're walking are Spencer, Jon, Kraig, Nick, Dylan, and Preston.
The scouts enjoyed exploring the play castle in the Cub World area. Spencer and Kraig.
Several of the guys pause for a photo.  (L to R) Dylan, Adam, Connor, and Nick. Thomas and Chase.
Conor slides down a "fire pole" to the level below. Jon picked up a lizard who found his back to be quite comfortable.  The lizard maintained that perch for more than 2 miles as we hiked around the camp on Saturday afternoon.
Scouts Adam, Jon, Connor, Nick, and Conor on Explorer Island. Chaplain Aide Chase conducted a worship service on Sunday morning.
Posing under the camp sign (back row, L to R):  Scoutmaster Bob Meek, Spencer, and Connor.  (Middle row):  Preston, Tyler, Dylan, SPL Nick, Adam, Jon, Drew, Chase, and ASM Mike Canchola.  (Front row):  Jonathan, Toby, Kraig, Conor, and Thomas.