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Twice a year, Troop 868 sells $1 candy bars at the exit doors of local businesses.  Boys work in pairs and the troop posts teams at numerous locations.  The goal is to sell all the candy during a 4-day "blitz" of the area so that scouts don't have to sell door-to-door and parents aren't asked to take candy to work.

As with all Troop 868 fundraising activities, Scouts receive credit toward the cost of attending summer camp in proportion to their participation.  For this particular sale, nearly every scout participated and public support was good.  We sold out of candy by early Sunday afternoon.

The Scouts benefit not only from the financial help with their summer camp expense, but also by learning the skills that accompany salesmanship ... how to approach the public, make change, and deal with the rudeness that some folks exhibit.  Just like first aid and wilderness survival, learning these skills helps prepare them for adult life.

Nick pulls an evening shift outside a local gas station. Chris is also bundled up for February weather at his outdoor post outside the other door.
Patrick and Dylan demonstrate the importance of good signage to promote sales. Philip has candy bars at the ready as he watches through the glass for approaching customers.
Adam and Nick team up for a shift at a local grocery store. After 5 years, Tyler still believes customers will come to him.
Dylan's got the product and the sales pitch, all he needs is a neckerchief and a smile. By late Saturday night, Clinton looks like he's ready for his shift to be over.