Troop 868 in Action

CANDY BAR BLITZ (February 2007)

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As has been our custom since the troop was founded, our scouts sell candy bars twice a year in front of area businesses that agree to let them approach customers as they exit.  The boys work in pairs and a parent stays to supervise younger scouts.  With outside temperatures in the teens, all of the hosting merchants allowed scouts to stand either in the air-lock area or inside the store.  We are truly grateful to all the local businesses that support our troop in this way.

A portion of the net profits are used to fund troop general expenses, but the majority is used to fund the scouts' Camp Fund accounts.  Through participation in troop fundraisers like the candy sales, most Troop 868 scouts are able to pay 100% of their own way to summer camp each year.

Gabe displays a box of assorted candy bars that he's selling inside a local convenience store. Across town at another convenience store, John and Tim set up shop in front of the chewing gum rack.
At yet another convenience store, Jonathan and Matt enthusiastically peddle candy bars. Connor makes a sale to a customer at a local grocery store.
Tim and Stephen pull a shift together at another local grocery. Philip strikes a pensive pose for our photographer.
Adam and Connor station themselves on either side of the exit doors to make sure no one escapes without getting asked. Dylan is on the move making another sale as a customer buys some bars from a troop parent (hidden) at our display table.
As the sale winds down, John is counting to see how many bars still have to be sold. Matt makes one of the last sales of the weekend to customers who are probably headed home to watch the Super Bowl.