Troop 868 in Action

CANDY BAR BLITZ (February, 2008)

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Once again Troop 868 scouts turned out in force to man sales tables at numerous local merchants to hawk World's Finest Chocolate bars.  Starting after school on Thursday afternoon at several gas stations and then expanding on Friday and Saturday to local grocery and video rental stores, scouts worked 3-hour shifts in teams of two.  Nearly all the boys worked 3 shifts, a total of 9 hours, during the semi-annual sale.  The troop sold out of product at the Hillview Kroger around 2:30 PM on Sunday afternoon --- leaving all the boys free to enjoy SuperBowl activities!

The event was coordinated by one of our Troop Committee moms and ran smoothly from start to finish.  Troop parents did an excellent job of stepping up and volunteering to sit with younger scouts, proving once again that "many hands make the load light."

The majority of the proceeds of the candy sale goes to help scouts pay their way to summer resident camp and the balance goes into the troop's general treasury.  The scouts have a good time working together; and they learn valuable skills about salesmanship and dealing with the general public.  And troop parents are grateful that we're not sending cases of candy home for them to sell at work.

Tim and Nick at the Shepherdsville Sav-A-Lot . Boy Scout Cody and Cub Scout Jesse working a shift together at the Sav-A-Lot.
Stephen and Matt at the Kroger in Hillview. During a shift change, Ethan makes some sales as Tim and Nick arrive to take over.
Gabe waits as a customer digs for a dollar the Shepherdsville Kroger store. Chris growls at the photographer (but never at customers) at the local Speedway.
Dylan and Cody worked a Saturday afternoon shift together at the Circle K BP station. John got a bit punchy as it got close to shut down for the night at the Hillview Kroger store.
Connor makes a sale to a Kroger customer. It wouldn't be a Candy Bar Blitz if we didn't get at least one photo of Nick goofing off.
Connor and John ham it up for the camera. Committee Members Philip McClure and Denise Guelda confer with each other during a shift change.