Troop 868 in Action
CANDY BAR BLITZ (February 2009)

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One of the ways Troop 868 supports our program is to sell candy bars twice a year -- in September and February.  We call it a "Candy Bar Blitz" because we post scouts in multiple selling locations simultaneously in order to make contact with the maximum number of customers in the shortest period of time.  Our goal is always to sell several thousand candy bars in 4 days.

The support we receive from area merchants is outstanding.  Starting after school on Thursday, we had teams of scouts (boys always work in pairs) posted at several gas stations, grocery stores, video rental stores, and home centers selling the well-known and instantly recognized World's Finest Chocolate bars.

The Troop invited Cub Scouts from Pack 868 to partner with us to help fill all available shifts.  Folks love to buy from the little guys, so we often paired a Cub Scout with an older Boy Scout.  The combination worked well and we sold out shortly after 8 PM on Saturday night.

Nick and Jon have obviously sold candy bars many times before and have their routine well-honed. Caden and Cody, both Cub Scouts in Pack 868, worked a shift together.
Pack 868 Cub Scouts Henry and Matthew set up shop at the Lowe's Home Center in Shepherdsville. Parent help was essential.  Mr. Frank works a shift at the Circle-K Shell station with Kenneth.
Stephen at Kroger in Hillview. Spencer at Kroger in Hillview. Connor at Kroger in Shepherdsville.
Josh at Kroger in Shepherdsville. Preston at the Circle-K Shell station. Dalton at Kroger in Hillview.
Dylan and Preston with Pack 868 Cub Scout Matthew at the Lowe's Home Center in Shepherdsville. Jesse and Bryce holding the "Thank-You" plaque that was presented to Kroger in Shepherdsville.