Troop 868 in Action
(February 2~5, 2012)

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One of Troop 868's annual fundraisers is the sale of World's Finest Chocolate bars the first weekend of February.  The Troop joins with our sister unit, Cub Scout Pack 868, to mobilize enough Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and scout parents to cover multiple selling locations in the areas where the majority of our scout families live and shop.  By posting scouts at major retailers and multiple gas stations simultaneously, we are able to sell several thousand candy bars in a single weekend.

Despite being in the middle of winter, the weather was mild and mostly dry --- some light rain fell briefly on Friday.  But this was not enough to drive people indoors, so sales were excellent.  In fact, we sold out of candy shortly before 7:30 PM on Saturday night and had to cancel our Saturday night and Sunday selling shifts.

Quartermaster Tyler and brother Toby sold in front of the Five Star Marathon station in Shepherdsville. Chase and John at the Kroger Superstore in Shepherdsville.
Webelos Scout Eric and his dad with Eagle Scout Nick at the Circle-K Marathon on Hwy 44 West. Shawn and Brixton at the Circle-K Shell in Hillview.
Wolf Cub Scouts James and Tony in front of the Circle-K Marathon on Hwy 44 West..  Webelos Scout Kenneth with Eagle Scout Adam in front of the Speedway in Shepherdsville.
Dylan and brother Andrew with their stepdad in front of the Shepherdsville Lowe's Home Center. Ronnie and Josh at the Love's Truck Stop on Cedar Grove Road.
Webelos Scout Kenneth with his Den Leader mom at the Shepherdsville Speedway. Ronnie and Dennis in front of the Speedway in Hillview.
Chase with his dad at the Circle-K Shell in Hillview. Webelos Scout Kenneth makes a sale to a customer in the lobby of the Hillview Kroger store.