Troop 868 in Action
(Thursday~Sunday, January 31~February 3, 2013)

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Selling World's Finest Chocolate candy bars at area merchants has been a Troop 868 tradition for more than a decade.  The troop sells candy bars twice each year --- once in February and again in September.  In May, our Boy Scouts sell American Flags with the Cub Scouts from Pack 868 over Memorial Day weekend in much the same way that the candy bar sales are conducted.

Scouts work in two-man teams supervised by a parent.  Shifts are pre-scheduled and typically last somewhere between 2~3 hours in duration.  They begin selling after school on Thursday and Friday afternoons.  On Saturday and Sunday, selling takes place throughout the day.  Scouts are permitted to work up to 6 hours straight.  They must then take a mandatory break for at least one hour.  If they wish, they can then come back and work an additional shift or two on Saturday or Sunday.  Multiple area merchants have always been very supportive by permitting us to sell at the exit doors of their businesses and scouts have responded by being courteous and polite to their customers, regardless of whether or not they choose to purchase a candy bar.

The Cub Scouts from Pack 868 participate with us and it is common for a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout to be paired together.  People like to buy from the little guys and the older Boy Scouts keep the Cubs focused, so such pairings generally work out well for both boys.

Brixton makes a sale to two customers in the lobby of the Kroger store in Hillview. Matthew and Andrew work together in the exit doors airlock at the Lowe's Home Center in Shepherdsville.
Preston and Tristan at the Circle-K Shell on Mud Lane in Hillview. Troop Treasurer Sean Spalding with Martin and Thomas at the Circle-K Shell in Hillview.
Brixton at the Hillview Kroger. Gavin at the Hillview Kroger.
Alex and Troop 868 Committee Member Michelle Spalding at the Circle-K Shell in Hillview. Gavin and Pack 868 Webelos Dennis at the Pharmacy side entrance to the Hillview Kroger.
Webelos Dennis, Pack 868 Den Leader Drema Cleveland, Troop 868 Assistant Scoutmaster Tom Jacobs, and Brixton at the Hillview Kroger. Preston and Tristan at the Circle-K Shell on Mud Lane in Hillview.
Noah and Pack 868 Webelos Eli with Troop 868 parent Jodie Say at the Circle-K Shell. Mrs. Spalding sat with Preston and Alex at the Kroger in Hillview.