Troop 868 in Action
(September 2006)

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Twice each year Troop 868 sells several thousand World's Finest Chocolate candy bars over a 4-day period.  We pre-arrange with numerous local merchants to post two scouts at their exit doors.  Our goal is to 'blitz' the community so that anyone who shops that weekend is likely to encounter at least one pair of scouts.

This has been an excellent fundraiser for us.  Unlike some fundraisers that require a great deal of parent involvement, this project is one that scouts pretty much do on their own.  Boys always work in teams of two and we try to pair younger scouts with older boys.

Scouts typically sell after school on Thursday and Friday afternoons/evenings, all day on Saturday, and after church on Sunday.  We shut down when we run out of candy bars.

A significant portion of the profit is held in special "Camp Fund Accounts" maintained by the Troop Treasurer to help scouts pay their own way to summer resident camp.

Stephen and Tim are obviously having a good time at a local Kroger store.  Chris (in background) is picking up candy to take to another location. Nick and J.D. joke with a customer at the local Lowe's store who asked, "Which one of you should I buy from?"
Connor gets some selling tips from Philip during a different shift at the Kroger store in Shepherdsville. Committee member Christie Vissers sits with scouts Patrick and Clinton at the Kroger store in nearby Hillview.
John and Matt pull a shift at a local BP mini-mart where the store manager strategically located them next to a beer display. Trey doesn't let anyone out without getting asked to buy while Clinton assists on a customer at the display table.
Patrick and Jonathan worked together to make a sale. Trey and Alex worked a shift at the Kroger in Hillview.