Troop 868 in Action

CANDY BAR BLITZ (Sept, 2007)

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One of the ways Troop 868 scouts pay for their annual trip to summer camp is by selling chocolate bars twice each year --- in the early fall and again in mid-winter.  Rather than send boxes of candy home for scouts to sell around their neighborhoods (and parents to hawk to co-workers), we ask area merchants to allow us to post a pair of scouts near their exit door so that scouts can sell the bars in a single weekend.  Not only have area merchants been very supportive, most have allowed the scouts to set up a small table inside their stores or airlock areas so that scouts will be comfortable and the candy won't melt.  We are truly grateful to our local Kroger and Save-A-lot grocery stores, BlockBuster video, Mac's BP and Speedway convenience stores, and Lowe's Home Center.  These merchants have been true friends to our unit.

John, one of the troop's newest members, made a sale. Clinton, one of Troop 868's Eagle Scouts, manned a sales table at the Save-A-Lot in Shepherdsville.
Stephen displayed the product --- World's Finest Chocolate bars. Corey, John, and Connor posed for a photo during a shift change at Kroger.  Scouts normally work in teams of two.
Jon made a sale at the Shepherdsville Kroger.  Collin (in background) waited by the door for the next potential customer. Scoutmaster Bob Meek talked with a parent who wanted to know how to get her son started in Scouting.
Cory made a sale as Nick (in foreground) headed to the table to get more candy for a customer who wanted several bars. Cory made yet another sale.  As one of the troop's newest members, he got into the groove of selling very quickly.
Tim and Stephen, two of the troop's most senior scouts, worked  a shift together at the local Mac's BP station. Jon showed a customer the different kinds of bars we had available.
Matt offered bars for sale at the Speedway in Shepherdsville. Gabe and Collin got a bit silly for the camera, but both quickly got serious when potential customers approached.
Dylan worked several shifts during the weekend and looked a bit tired by Saturday night.  Selling can be hard work. Connor looked cheerful as he waited patiently by the exit doors for a potential customer to emerge.