Troop 868 in Action

CANDY BAR BLITZ (September, 2008)

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As has been the troop's tradition since it's founding, the unit sells World's Finest ChocolateŽ candy bars for $1 each at the exit doors of selected local merchants.  Scouts work in pairs (the buddy system) and we station teams at multiple locations in an effort to pretty much blanket the areas where our scouts live, thus the reason we call it a "blitz."

Trying to cover multiple selling locations for an entire weekend requires a lot of manpower, so the troop enlisted assistance of the Cub Scouts from Pack 868.  Many folks really like buying from the little guys, so pairing a Boy Scout with a Cub Scout is a sure formula to make sales --- and the Cub Scouts really enjoy working with the older Boy Scouts.

Nathen chats with a customer.  Nick and Tim chat with each other during a shift change. Troop Treasurer Denise Guelda mans display table during a shift with Boy Scout Stephen and Pack 868 Cub Scout Hunter.
Dalton and Tim. Gabe and Alex set up their table in front of a trash can outside an auto parts store.  Wonderful merchandising, guys. 
Adam and Jon strike a casual pose for the camera.  Really cool.  Now, how about selling some candy bars? Pack 848 Webelos Scout Preston and Pack 868 Cub Scout Dawson worked a shift together at a local convenience store.
Scoutmaster Bob Meek with Scouts Nathen, Nick, and Tim during a crew change. Dalton gives Stephen a pair of chocolate bunny ears.
Gabe with Pack 868 Cub Scout Dawson. Boy Scouts Jon and Nick with Pack 868 Cub Scout Josh.
Nathen and Chris look wildly enthusiastic. Cody remains focused on selling while Cub Scouts Josh and T.J. demonstrate why we work in teams of two, not three.