Troop 868 in Action


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One goal of scouting is to teach boys the intrinsic value and sense of accomplishment that comes from learning to "pay their own way."  In support of this goal, Troop 868 engages in a variety of fund-raising events throughout the year as part of our program.  One such activity is the selling of World's Finest chocolate bars two weekends during the year --- one in the fall and one in late winter.

The scouts work assigned shifts in pairs with a supervising adult.  The "buddy system" works as well selling candy bars as it does keeping scouts safe in the woods.  We enlist the support of numerous local merchants to permit our scouts to sell candy bars near their exit doors on the same weekend.  If someone shops in Shepherdsville on a candy bar blitz weekend, we want them to encounter our scouts selling candy bars! 

If the Boy Scouts aren't able to cover 100% of the shifts, we enlist the aid of Cub Scout Pack 868 to help fill in the gaps.

Gabriel at Speedway in Shepherdsville. Nick at the Five Star Marathon in Shepherdsville.
Scott and Dylan with Mrs. Troxell at Kroger in Hillview. Mr. Hagerman with Scott and Preston at the Circle-K Shell.
As Drew (hidden by Dylan) hoisted the flag, the assembled scouts and leaders all saluted. David makes change for a customer at Speedway.
Cub Scout Tyler with Drew at Kroger in Hillview. Cub Scout Calvin at the Circle-K Shell in Hillview.
Spencer, David, Mrs. Knopp, and Gabriel during a shift change at the Kroger in Shepherdsville. Connor and Kraig at the Five Star Marathon in Shepherdsville.
Dylan prepares a deposit envelope during a shift at the Circle-K Shell in Hillview. Drew and Gabe with Mr. Rodabaugh at the Kroger in Hillview.
Adam and Nick at the Kroger in Hillview. Matthew and Preston with Mr. Hagerman at the Circle-K Shell.