Troop 868 in Action
CANDY BAR SALE (September 2010)

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Another one of the ways that Troop 868 scouts earn money to pay for troop equipment and finance our annual summer camp trip is by selling World's Finest Chocolate candy bars.  Rather than send boxes of candy bars home with each scout, we make arrangements with multiple local merchants to sell at their their exit doors during one weekend --- we call it a "Candy Bar Blitz."  Our goal is that everyone who shops anywhere in our area on the weekend that we're selling will encounter our scouts and have an opportunity to buy a candy bar!  This model has been very successful for us and we typically sell out before the end of weekend.  Being visible in the community is also good publicity for both our troop and Cub Scout Pack 868.  We typically pickup up two or three new members at every sale!

Scouts work in teams of two, supervised by a parent.  The boys typically work 3-hour shifts.  Selling to the general public gives the boys good sales experience and teaches them how to handle money and make change rapidly.  These are important skills to develop, so there are benefits beyond just raising money to support the unit.

Conner and Kraig sell at the Five Star BP station on Blue Lick Road near the John Harper Highway in the Brooks area. Brixton and Preston at the Circle-K Shell on Mud Lane in the Hillview area.
Conor looking a bit like the Wolverine comic character at the Kroger in Hillview.  He soon learned that holding candy this way makes it hard to make change. Toby and Tyler at the Five Star Marathon on Adam Shepherd Parkway in the heart of Shepherdsville.
Chris has worked so many candy sales during his years in the troop that he can do it in his sleep! D.J. and Gabe pull an evening shift at the Shepherdsville Kroger.
Tyler and Toby both sold to customers at the Five Star Marathon in Shepherdsville. Nicholas works on merchandising as Chase sells a candy bar to a customer exiting the Kroger in Shepherdsville.
Webelos Cub Scout Adam and Boy Scout Drew work together at the Five Star BP on Blue Lick Road. Nick and Jon at the Shepherdsville Kroger on Saturday morning.
Boy Scout Thomas and Tiger Cub Scout T.J. team up for a shift at the Five Star Marathon in Shepherdsville. Webelos Cub Scout Tyler works with Boy Scout Nicholas at the Kroger in Shepherdsville.