Troop 868 in Action


(April~May, 2012)
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CampCards are a Council-sponsored fundraiser and units throughout the Council sell them.  Units get to keep half the selling price as their commission with the remainder going to the Council.  It's a good deal for individual Packs, Troops, and Crews.  This was Troop 868's second year selling them.

To help scouts earn the money to pay their way to summer camp, Troop 868 and Pack 868 combined forces to conduct a series of "neighborhood walks."  A neighborhood walk is where a group of parents (that may or may not include registered leaders) agrees to orchestrate a group sales effort.  Interested scouts meet at the Community Center or some other designated place at the designated time (usually a Saturday morning), board the troop bus or pile into cars, and head off into one or more local neighborhoods (subdivisions) to go door-to-door selling.  Scouts can work in pairs or solo depending on their age, preference, and experience.  Very few teenage boys want to go out selling alone, but most are willing to do it a part of a larger group, so the neighborhood walk system encourages participation.

During the 2012 CampCard sale, we conducted two neighborhood walks.


The heavy plastic cards sell for $5 each and contain 4 single-use "break off" coupons redeemable for a significant savings from local merchants.  The coupon from Kroger alone is worth the price of the card.
The center portion of the card is wallet-sized and contains additional deals from other merchants that can be redeemed multiple times until the end of the calendar year.  The total savings that one can realize with the cards exceeds the purchase price many times over.
Shawn standing at the door of a home on a Saturday morning. Preston waiting for the homeowner to come to the door at another house.
Tristan, Shawn, and Alex compare sales as they wait for the bus to pick them up. Our sales crew during our second neighborhood walk included Boy Scouts Alex, Adam, Dylan, Andrew, Dylan, Drew, and Shawn (back row) and Cub Scouts Kenneth, Josh, Thomas, Tony, James, and Micah (front two rows).