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Summer Camp Trip 2008 (June, 2008)
Camp Daniel Boone (Canton, NC)

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Summer camp 2008 began with a smooth and on-schedule departure from the Community Center early Saturday morning, June 14.  The troop had met briefly the previous evening to double-check all paperwork and get everyone's gear packed aboard the troop bus.

Our first stop was at the Lincoln Memorial in Hodgenville, KY where we viewed a brief film about our 16th president, visited the memorial, and browsed the gift shop!  We then proceeded south through central Kentucky to reach the Wolf Creek Federal Fish Hatchery at Jamestown.  We were once again treated to a brief film about the hatchery's mission then given a "behind the scenes" tour of the operation.  Afterward, we purchased special fish food in the gift shop and the boys enjoyed feeding the fish in the outdoor tanks.  The young trout attacked the food pellets by the hundreds, creating a literal feeding frenzy.  The fish are ready for release once they reach a length of about 9 inches.

Mr. Davis stayed at the fish hatchery with scouts who wanted to fish in the spillway while Mr. Meek drove the rest of the group to the nearby Cumberland Lake State Resort Park where they played a round of miniature golf and got in a few "holes" of Frisbee golf before it was time to return to the hatchery to retrieve the rest of the group.

We spent our first night on the road "camping" in the social hall at Jamestown United Methodist Church.  We attended Sunday School and worship at the church the next morning then proceeded on our to visit the civil war museum at Mill Spring Battlefield on Sunday afternoon.  At the actual battlefield, we found and hiked a short trail surrounding the location of the most intense fighting that had been created by a local Boy Scout troop.

(Back L to R):  Nick, Committee Member Philip McClure, Tim, Alex, Trey, Assistant Scoutmaster Chuck Davis.  (Front L to R):  Connor, Dylan, Jon, Gabe, and Scoutmaster Bob Meek. The first stop on the trip was at the Lincoln Memorial in Hodgenville, KY.
Tim, Alex, Philip, and Trey enjoyed feeding the trout in the raceways at the Wolf Creek Fish Hatchery. As the food pellets were dropped into the water, the young fish would go on a feeding frenzy.
Nick, Trey, and Alex formed a team to play a round of Miniature Golf at Cumberland Lake State Resort Park. Philip, Jon, Trey, Nick, Tim, and Alex paused for a photo after playing several "holes" of Frisbee golf.
Nick served himself spaghetti during our evening meal at Jamestown United Methodist Church. The troop sat together for most meals, including our first dinner on the road. 
Jamestown United Methodist Church allowed us to spend the night in their social hall.  We worshipped there on Sunday. Tim and Nick dressed as Civil War soldiers pose with Connor at the Mill Spring Battlefield Museum.

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