Troop 868 in Action
(October 2010)

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To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, the three councils that service the majority of Kentucky scouts [the Blue Grass Council (Lexington & central Kentucky), the Lincoln Heritage Council (Louisville metro area), and the Shawnee Trails Council (Bowling Green and western Kentucky)] joined together to host a combined weekend camping event at E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park in eastern Jefferson County.

The Centennial Jamboree attracted somewhere in the area of 15,000 Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venture Scouts, and Scout Leaders.  Boy Scout troops had the option to camp overnight or simply come out for the day on Saturday as most Cub Scout packs did.

Anticipating that traffic getting into and out of the park would be huge traffic jam, Troop 868 scouts decided to arrange to park our bus about 3 miles away and backpack into the park on Saturday morning.  Despite heavy traffic along Westport Road, sidewalks all the way to the park boundary made for a safe urban hike.  In the process, our scouts were able to complete a backpacking requirement for rank advancement!  Our hikers got lots of waves and horn honks from fellow scouts in vehicles that drove past.

At the Jamboree, scouts were offered a variety of things to see and do.  Though we arrived in camp too late to participate, there was a "merit badge midway" that provided scouts an opportunity to work on about 15 different Boy Scout merit badges.  There was a 100 yard long Pinewood Derby track, displays of fire engines and military vehicles, several field sports areas, and a Saturday night stage show that included a live band and a small fireworks show.  The event ended with a choice of Sunday morning worship services. Following worship, our group hiked the 3 miles back to our bus and headed for home.  Other than backpacking, our boys didn't achieve a great deal of advancement, but the opportunity to be part of a 15,000 scout campout was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  The weather was great and a good time was had by all.

Some scouts looked more like they were heading off for a week versus overnight!  Troop dad Martin Moore shares a story with Spencer and another scout before the group heads out.
Nicholas is ready to rock 'n roll with his cool shades. The group poses for the obligatory pre-departure photo beside the troop bus.
This was the scene as scouts hiked on the sidewalk along busy Westport Road. Spencer and Brixton had no problems.  Preston is a slow hiker but other scouts hung back and walked with him.
After getting a tent setup, Nicholas, Brixton, and Conor carried it to the spot where they wanted it. This is one of the merit badge classes being offered at the Merit Badge Midway.
Saturday afternoon featured a balloon glow with nearly a dozen hot air balloons being inflated and launched. Mr. Moore and Assistant Scoutmasters Mike Canchola and Waldo Guzman pose under the official gateway.
At dusk, our troop staked out some territory to sit and watch the stage show. Kraig, Connor, and other scouts examined some of the military equipment that was on display.
A giant "100" sign was ignited as part of the fireworks show. The fireworks show was impressive, set to music, and just exceptionally well done.