Troop 868 in Action


(March 16~18, 2012)
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Boy Scout Camp Louis Ernst near Dupont, Indiana was the site of Troop 868's first weekend tent camping trip of 2012.  The weather was absolutely ideal and we were the only unit in camp, so we had the entire camp to ourselves.  Scout especially enjoyed exploring the creek below the man-made dam and an older section of the camp that has is seldom used since the access bridge washed out in from flooding during heavy rain several years ago.

The troop's three patrols were able to spread out and operate by the patrol method (as we seek to do whenever possible).  We used the camp's amphitheatre for a Saturday night campfire program and the camp's chapel for a Sunday morning worship service lead by Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman.

Throughout the weekend, scouts practiced their fire building and campfire cooking skills, worked on Personal Fitness Merit Badge with Assistant Scoutmaster Mike Canchola, and a host of other individual advancement requirements, including several Scoutmaster Conferences with Scoutmaster Bob Meek.


Looking across one of the fields where we camped, the Beaver Patrol is setup on the right and the Falcon Patrol to the left. Falcon Patrol members Spencer, Preston, and Connor heat water to wash the dishes following Saturday morning's breakfast.
At a different meal, Falcon Patrol members Gavin, Drew, Connor, and Adam gather around their table and prepare to eat. Junior Assistant Scoutmasters Nick and Adam visit with Assistant Scoutmasters Canchola and Jacobs in the adult leaders' campsite.
Dylan, Kraig, Shawn, and Chase build a fire to cook a meal in the Cobra Patrol campsite.. A better view of the Falcon Patrol campsite from a different angle.
Falcon Patrol members sit at a table under their patrol dining fly to enjoy a meal. One of the tents in the Beaver Patrol needs to have a pole raised a bit higher.  Otherwise, the site looks pretty good.
Assistant Scoutmasters Martin Moore and Jeff Hagerman do absolutely nothing as ASM Mike Canchola works hard to cook french toast. In the Beaver Patrol, Adam pours the batter, Andrew flips, and Alex holds the serving platter as pancakes are cooked.  We love to see teamwork!
Assistant Scoutmaster Tom Jacobs instructs new scout Alex about how to do a proper push-up as Preston listens and observes. Assistant Scoutmaster Mike Canchola holds his feet as Gavin does sit-ups.  Thomas and Chase are also doing sit-ups.
Thomas holds Nicholas' feet. Brixton does some sit-ups for Mr. Canchola.  Andrew is straightening his collar after completing his turn.
Shawn holds Dylan's feet and counts as Dylan does sit-ups.  Cody stands and observes at right. After all the troop equipment is loaded onto our equipment truck, ASM Martin Moore supervises as scouts pass personal gear to be loaded.