Troop 868 in Action
(Friday~Sunday, November 2~4, 2012)

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Our November outing was a tent camping trip to Camp Michaels in northern Kentucky.  The forecasted weather was for clear, sunny skies on Saturday with a daytime high in the mid-50s.  That didn't happen.  A cold front that was supposed to pass farther to the north dipped south and produced overcast skies, intermittent rain, two short hail storms, and a daytime high that barely reached into the 40s on Saturday.  Though all our scouts came well-prepared with warm clothes and managed to keep their sleeping bags and the inside of their tents dry, many had to contend with wet feet from wearing tennis shoes rather than waterproof boots.  Firebuilding and cooking were a challenge throughout the day because the wood had to dry out before it would burn well ... a process that required time and caused us to devote far more time to meal preparation than we had planned.  The rain also nixed our plans to devote the day to orienteering and exploring the camp because the maps would have gotten soaking wet then fallen apart.  But sometimes challenge can be good and our scouts met it head-on.  Most even enjoyed it.  Several found camping in the hail storms particularly fun!

Sunday dawned to be a sunny and much warmer day.  Of course, all the wood was still soaking wet from Saturday, so cooking breakfast was a challenge.  Following a morning worship service, we were able to run the camp's orienteering course and several scouts were able to complete their Second Class map and compass requirement.  The sun and warmer weather dried out our canvas tents and dining tarps for which were were thankful.  Because we hadn't been able to accomplish much of our planned advancement on Saturday, we elected to hang around the camp a couple of hours longer on Sunday than originally planned and notified troop parents of the change in plans via our voice message system.  Upon our arrival back home in Shepherdsville we didn't hear any parent complaints.  We're very fortunate to have supportive parents who understand that things don't always go exactly as planned.  What started out to be a rather disappointing weekend turned out to be a successful and productive outing.  Unfortunately, since we get out and about much on Saturday, we didn't take as many photos as we normally take.

Members of the Beaver Patrol adjust the poles of their dining fly between rain showers on Saturday.  Several members of the Cobra Patrol were sitting under their dining fly at right. Patrol Leader Preston and scout Gavin worked to prepare lunch in the Falcon Patrol campsite.
On Saturday afternoon as the rain began to clear out, scouts Eric and Andrew went hiking and tried to find some natural stepping stones to cross Gunpowder Creek but were not successful. Eric wisely chose to turn around and come back rather than risk losing his footing on the slick rocks covered by rushing water in the swollen creek.  Getting wet would have been a miserable experience.
The troop gathered in the camp's outdoor chapel for a Sunday morning worship service. Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman delivered the morning message.