Troop 868 in Action


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The troop donated several flats of marigolds from our annual Plant Sale to the City of Shepherdsville and planted them in the flower beds surrounding the Government Center.  After laying them out on the ground to get them properly spaced, scouts and a few troop parents made quick work of getting them into the ground.  While a couple of parents stayed behind to water the freshly planted flowers, scouts and scoutmasters proceeded from the Government Center to nearby Shepherdsville Elementary School.  New mulch made of shredded rubber was to be installed the following week, and the school had requested the troop's help in removing the existing wood mulch and dirt to a depth of 6 inches inside the fenced Kindergarten playground.

Scouts dug out the center area manually with shovels and hauled the mulch/dirt by wheelbarrow to the troop truck.  Later, they shoveled it off the truck into low spots around the school campus.  After a lunch break, Assistant Scoutmaster Davis showed up with a Bobcat that was used to speed up work on the outer perimeter between a concrete sidewalk and the fence.  The dirt was dumped onto the trailer used to haul the Bobcat and, like the other mulch/dirt, was then hand shoveled by scouts into ruts and depressions elsewhere on the campus.  The work area was too muddy after all the digging to rake smooth on Saturday afternoon, so the troop left it to dry out for a few days and made plans to return later with a tiller to break up the clods and get the playground fully prepared for the new mulch.

Stephen, Tim, and Nick planted marigolds along the east side of the Shepherdsville Government Center. Dylan preferred to do his planting without getting his knees dirty.
Chris worked alongside Troop Treasurer Denise Guelda. Nick, Tim, and Stephen (barely visible) worked at the front of the building.
Stephen and Tim work in an area near the main entrance. Chris prepares to attack the ground with his trusty gardening trowel.
Assistant Scoutmaster Waldo Guzman helped the scouts get organized to begin digging out the old mulch. Chris (at far left) supervised as everyone else dug into the project.  We must not have had a shovel that fit his hand?
Stephen wheeled out a load of mulch. Scouts dug out around the concrete sidewalk.
Assistant Scoutmaster Chuck Davis made digging the tightly compacted dirt look easy. Mr. Davis was obviously having way too much fun!
The Bobcat trailer was used as a makeshift dump truck to haul the excess dirt away from the job site. Scouts took a break from digging while waiting for Mr. Davis to fill up another trailer load of dirt to be dumped.