Troop 868 in Action

Cub World Campout (November, 2002)

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It is always challenging finding time to camp in November with one weekend occupied by Thanksgiving and two other weekends dedicated to Scouting for Food.  This year the PLC decided to camp nearby at the local Scout Reservation and drive back into town on Saturday morning to participate in Scouting for Food.  The Cub World camping area happened to be available, so that's where the PLC decided to go.

Overnight lows were in the upper 30's and some light snow flurries fell on Sunday morning.  However, daytime highs were in the upper 50's and skies were dry, if not sunny.  After returning on Saturday afternoon from the morning service project, the scouts mostly just relaxed around the campfire or played football on the parade field.  It was pretty much a "laid back" weekend.

(L to R):  Alex, Aaron, Philip, Chris, Tyler, and Tim huddle around the campfire. Stephen and Patrick prepare the Saturday evening meal.
Philip standing outside his tent. When it came time to break camp, Stephen and Patrick worked together to fold a tent.
The troop gathered in the amphitheatre for Sunday morning worship lead by Scoutmaster Freeman. Chaplain Aide Philip read from the Bible to begin the worship service.