Troop 868 in Action

Camp Blue River Ridge & Caving (May, 2002)

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The PLC wanted to do some cave exploring, so the troop returned to Camp Blue River Ridge for camping and some introductory spelunking in the slimy mud of a known safe private cave.  The group emerged covered in muck, looking like a perfect test group for one of those old Tide commercials!  But everyone had a great time and no one got stuck!  With several of our high school aged scouts involved in finals and graduations, the group on this outing consisted mostly of our younger guys, including 4 who were on their first troop campout!

Patrick, Tyler, Philip, James, and Florencio fall in for flag raising before heading for the cave. Michael and Stephen prepare to hoist the colors as acting SPL Paul looks on.
Tim and Stephen chow down on burgers for Saturday night dinner. Michael serves himself some macaroni and cheese.  Troop 848 always tries to eat well.
James and Mr. McClure pause for a photo along the trail back from the cave. The group of muddy spelunkers gathers for a photo.  (L to R) Mr. Meek, Philip, Tim, James (standing), Michael, Stephen, Thomas, Patrick, Florencio, Mr. McClure, K.C., Paul, and Tyler.
We agree, Tim, "Yuck" is the only word to describe it!  To his left are Michael, James, and Stephen. K.C. and Paul seem to have identical expressions.