Troop 868 in Action


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Again in 2007 Troop 868 pitched in to assist Shepherdsville Fire & Rescue with collecting donations to the WHAS Crusade for Children.  With a new class of firefighter recruits, the SFD had enough in-house personnel to conduct door-to-door collections on their own this year, but the scouts were a huge help in helping to staff the department's roadblock at Hwy 44 and Adam Shepherd Parkway.

Scouts age 13 and over provided a majority of the manpower needed to operate the roadblock Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons/early evenings of Crusade week during the busy "drive home from work" time period.

The scouts had a good time collecting donations and the vast majority of motorists were both polite and generous.  The boys also enjoyed getting to ride in the fire trucks.  Younger scouts were disappointed not to be able to help out; many are already looking forward to next year when they will be 13.

The firefighters are always willing to support the troop by counseling Fire Safety MB at our annual Merit Badge University program, and the troop is pleased to be able to help them out during the Crusade.  One evening the firefighters had to quickly leave on a fire run, but the scouts stayed on station and the roadblock continued to operate and collect donations.

Tim and Stephen work Hwy 44 westbound at Adam Shepherd Parkway. Philip cheerfully accepts a contribution from a motorist.
Chris smiles as a motorist empties an ashtray full of change into his bucket --- not at all an unusual occurrence. Passengers as well as drivers contribute to the Crusade.  Tim is shown accepting such a donation.
Stephen holds out his bucket as a motorist approaches with their hand out the window to give. Philip takes donations from a motorist waiting in a turning lane.
This motorist gave John a contribution through their sunroof. Scouts enjoyed dinner back at the fire station after their shift.  Dinner on this particular night was donated by Rally's.
John and Tim walked the line of vehicles stopped at the traffic light on Adam Shepherd Parkway. On another afternoon, John and Chris teamed up on the other side of the intersection.
Safety is always a primary concern.  John waits while Chris puts on a reflective safety vest. The boys then retrieved donation buckets from the back seat of the aerial ladder truck.  Scouts enjoyed riding in the fire trucks.