Troop 868 in Action


(Tuesday, August 13, 2013)
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The Daughters of the American Revolution is a civic organization that, among other things, works to preserve and instill flag respect.  In keeping with that mission, the D.A.R. frequently presents American Flags to organizations, schools, and local governments.  The group wanted to present a new flag to the citizens of Bullitt County.

Bullitt County Judge-Executive Melanie Roberts agreed to accept the flag at a short afternoon ceremony in early August.  She thought it would be nice to immediately fly the new flag for the first time.  A representative of the D.A.R. contacted Scoutmaster Bob Meek about having some uniformed Boy and Cub Scouts serve as a color guard. 

Mr. Meek assembled a color guard as requested and the ceremony took place on a Tuesday afternoon.  Because schools in Bullitt County were already back in session, attendance was somewhat limited, but sufficient to get the job accomplished.  Following a brief presentation ceremony, the new flag was raised up the pole in front of the Bullitt County Courthouse.

Before the ceremony began, Pack 868 Cub Scout Jared handed out programs and members of the color guard took their positions. Bullitt County Judge-Executive Melanie Roberts presented the new flag to Troop Senior Patrol Leader Preston.  Other members of the color guard were Troop 868 Boy Scout Dawson, Pack 868 Webelos Scout James, and Pack 868 Bear Cub Scout Donovan.
Pack 868 Webelos Leader Richard Weaver, Pack 868 Bear Cub Scout Jared, and Pack 868 Leader Dana Heffley. Pack 868 Bear Den Leader Scott Hall, Pack 868 Bear Cub Scout Josh, and Troop 868 Scoutmaster Bob Meek.
Before the flag was hoisted, Judge Roberts wanted a photo with all the Scouts and members of the D.A.R.
Preston held the flag and Dawson attached the clips. Scouts saluted as the new flag was raised for the first time.
This photo was snapped from a second floor window of the Courthouse by Bullitt County History Museum Director David Strange. After the ceremony, Judge Roberts gave the scouts a tour of her office and posed for a photo with Donovan, James, Josh, Dawson, and Jared.