Troop 868 in Action
(Saturday, October 5, 2013)

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On the first Saturday of October, the Downs Syndrome Association of Louisville conducts a walk/run fundraiser at Waterfront Park in downtown Louisville.  Troop 868 became involved in this event when a scout with Downs Syndrome joined our troop and raised the awareness of everyone in our unit.  Assisting with this event has become an annual service project for us that our scouts both enjoy doing.

As in years previous, we showed up at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning to inflate balloons and help with decorations.  That job was completed by the time the event officially started.  At this point, a color guard from the Troop presented the colors as the national anthem was being sung.  Then, as the walk took place, scouts performed litter patrol duty.  We picked up trash (mostly discarded water bottles and gum wrappers) and emptied trash cans so they wouldn't overflow.

Rain began falling about 11 AM and the event pretty much shut down about an hour ahead of schedule.  Troop 868 scouts remained to help with take-down and clean-up. 

Troop 868 scouts Adam, Gavin, and Nicholas stand by with ribbons to tie balloons as the adult leaders inflate them with helium gas. L to R:  Troop parent Jeremy Curd, Gavin, Alex, ASM Martin Moore, Nicholas, and Preston.
Micah's job was to hold the inflated balloons. Assistant Scoutmaster James Poyner filling a balloon with helium.
L to R:  Gavin, Adam, ASM Poyner, Andrew, Nicholas, Matthew, and Noah. Scouts Kenneth and Ronnie.
Nicholas makes sure he has a good hold on a bunch of balloons before he heads off into the crowd to begin handing them out to children.
Adam, Alex, Noah, and Kenneth were also handing out balloons. As it neared time for the official opening ceremonies, the color guard detail consisting of Gavin, Andrew, Nicholas, and Preston lined up at the starting line.  Buddy Bat from the Louisville Bats baseball team came over to get into the photo.
Other members of the troop lined up on opposite sides of the starting lane.  L to R are Matthew, Alex, Noah, Brixton, and Adam. On the other side of the lane we have (L to R) Assistant Scoutmaster Jeff Hagerman, Andrew, Micah, Kenneth, and Troop parent Steven Frank.
After the national anthem was sung, the walk began with the Troop's color guard leading the way. A hundred feet of so down the path, the color guard moved off to the side and continued to present the colors as the walkers filed past.