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Troop 868 had planned to go winter tent camping, but an approaching cold front with a forecast of daytime high temperatures below the freezing mark and no place to seek emergency shelter led to a last minute change in plans.  Instead of tent camping we headed to a farm near Shelbyville, KY owned by one of our scouts' grandparents that featured a barn that had been converted into a "bunk house" for hunting season.

Far from roughing it, the barn had electricity, indoor plumbing, and cots with mattresses.  While not the kind of trip we had originally planned, it turned out to be weekend filled with fun ... some indoor and some outdoor.  Throughout the weekend scouts engaged in darts, chess, Yahtzee, Scrabble, and numerous card games.

We awoke Saturday morning to find the ground outside covered by nearly 3" of snow.  This led to the building (and subsequent destruction) of several snowmen as well as several hours of non-stop snowball fighting.  By early afternoon, much of the snow had melted and the entire group spent several hours gathering, cutting, and stacking firewood for our hosts.  Scouts learned that cutting firewood isn't all that easy!

With overnight lows diving into the teens, everyone was thankful to the Davis Family for allowing us to use their hunting cabin.

Philip and Trey enjoy a game of chess on Friday evening. Chris and John play darts as David referees and Dylan keeps score.
Chris is among the first to venture outside on Saturday morning to check out the snow that fell overnight. It was only about 3" deep, but it was a nice wet snow that stuck to tree branches making everything white.
Even the old troop bus looked better wearing a blanket of snow! The "bunk house" where we camped is on the side of the barn where all the windows are located.
Trey and David didn't waste any time making good use of the snow. This wasn't the largest snowman built during the day, but it was the most complete.
John and Clinton set to work on their masterpiece. (L to R) Philip, Chris, Vincent, John, Dylan, and Trey.
Scouts sort the last of the firewood.  The scouts cut and stacked about 4 rics of wood. SPL Philip checks over the wood that had been stacked according to size.
For Saturday supper, we enjoyed a great dinner of Yankee Pot Roast prepared in dutch ovens.  Everyone was plenty hungry after playing in the snow all morning then chopping wood all afternoon.