Troop 868 in Action

FISHING DERBY w/ PACK 848 (April, 2004)

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Scouts from Troop 868 hosted Cubs and parents from Pack 848 at an all-day FISHING DERBY on a private farm in Shelbyville, KY.  The farm had two stocked ponds and boys were pulling fish from the water left and right all day long.  Fishing is always more fun when you actually catch fish ... and most everyone managed to catch a bunch of them at this event!  Troop 868 scouts prepared a traditional picnic lunch of burger and hot dogs.  After lunch, the Boy Scouts conducted casting contests in the field to see who could cast the farthest and the most accurately.  In addition to several varieties of fish, the boys also encountered water turtles, some geese, and several non-venomous water snakes.  It had rained every day during the preceeding week and showers had been predicted for Saturday, too, but God blessed us with a perfect day for fishing --- warm, breezy but not windy, overcast but bright, and, most importantly, dry!  At the end of the day, trophies were awarded in each of several divisions for most fish caught, longest fish caught, longest cast, and most accurate cast.  Those Cubs in Pack 848 who didn't participate missed out on a great time.

The focus of the day was clearly on fishing.  At left (in background) is Pack 848 Cubmaster Jerry Johnson.  Cub Scout Nolan is in the foreground. John and T cast their lines (no doubt hoping to catch Moby Dick!) Dalton and dad both seem more interested in the snake some others are chasing than in catching fish, at least for the moment.
Chad holds up one of the 13 fish he caught. Two Cub Scouts display a bass caught by the scout on the left. Ricky struggles to display the 52cm catfish that won him a trophy.
Moms caught some pretty nice fish, too!   Trey and Chad hold some water turtles.  Dave fishes in the background. Ricky shows off another of the 10 fish he caught --- a nice sized bass.
Clinton ran the fishing derby; recording each catch and measuring the fish.  Tim (wearing hat) and Stephen prepare lunch for the group. Tiger Cub Thomas competes in the longest cast contest.
Clinton, assisted by Tim, awards the trophies at the end of the day. Philip holds one of several water snakes that were encountered during the day.  This one was about 30" long and we believe it to be the fairly common northern water snake (Nerodia sipedon).