Troop 868 in Action
(April, 2005)

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At what has become an annual event, Troop 868 hosted Cubs and parents from Pack 848 at an all-day FISHING DERBY on a private farm in Shelbyville, KY.  The farm had two stocked ponds and scouts were pulling fish from the water left and right all day long.  Fishing is always more fun when you actually catch fish ... and almost everyone managed to catch a bunch of them at this event!

Troop 868 scouts prepared lunch for the anglers and conducted some land-based contests to determine which Cubs could cast the farthest and the most accurately.  Trophies were awarded to the winners in each age group.  Trophies were also awarded for the longest and the most fish caught.  Any Pack 848 Cubs who didn't attend missed out on a great time.

Noah hooks a fish. Two Pack 848 Cub Scouts ponder where to begin. Troop 868 Asst Scoutmaster Bob Williams has a nice catch.
Yeah, now we're getting the hang of it. Troop 868 Senior Patrol Leader Tim practices casting while Dave, ASM Chuck Davis, Trey, and Tyler observe. Trey thinks it's time to try a different lure.
Vincent seems to have the hang of it. Eagle Scouts Dave and Chris prepare to cook lunch. Baiting the hook is part of the deal.
Tyler reels in Moby Dick! Hey, everybody ... Tyler found a water snake! Dave, Alex, Stephen, and Tim.
Playing on the rocks can be fun, too! Pack 868 Cubmaster Jerry Johnson (in shades) observes the activities. Mother and Cub Scout take a break from fishing to get some lunch.
Keep your day job, Chris. Wonder if Dave strained himself reeling in that monster? Silly worm won't stay on the hook!