Troop 868 in Action
Annual Pack 848 Fishing Derby
(April 2006)

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The annual Fishing Derby with Cub Scout Pack 848 is a Troop 868 tradition.  Again in 2006 this event was held on the Davis Family farm near Shelbyville, Kentucky which featured two stocked ponds.  The weather was sunny and perfect for fishing.  Scouts from the troop set up dining flies and prepared a lunch of burgers and hot dogs while Cub Scouts and their families busied themselves with the more important task of fishing. 

Several days of rain preceeding the event must have made the fish good and hungry, because they were biting well.  Several Cubs caught more than 15 and one young man using wax worms reeled in 39 catches for the day.  Everything was "catch and release" even though a number of the fish would have been legal keepers.

Following lunch, the Boy Scouts conducting contests for both longest cast and more accurate cast.  Trophies were awarded in 3 different divisions (Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, and Webelos) to the winners of those contests as well as awards for the most fish caught and the longest fish caught.

While a few of the Boy Scouts also found time to cast hooks into the water, their primary responsibility for the day was handling the logistics so that the Cubs could spend their time fishing and generally having a good time.  Everyone left smiling, so it would appear they accomplished their mission!

Cub families spread out around the ponds and wasted no time in getting hooks into the water. A broken leg complete with cast didn't seem to hinder Dalton's fishing.
A moored boat provided an ideal fishing platform for 2 Cubs, a Cub leader, and Boy Scout John. Troop Quartermaster Stephen, picture here grilling hamburgers, volunteered for cooking duty.
Hungry Cub Scouts and their parents didn't seem to have any complaint about the food. Troop Senior Patrol Leader Philip kept track of Cub Scouts' performance during a "longest cast" contest after lunch.
Meanwhile, Cobra Patrol Leader Trey ran the "most accurate cast" contest. The Cub Scouts didn't always hit the target or even near it, but everyone "did their best" and had fun trying.