Troop 868 in Action
Annual Pack 848 Fishing Derby
(April 2007)

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An annual Fishing Derby with local Cub Scout Pack 848 has been a Troop 868 tradition for many years.  Once again the event was held on the Davis Family farm near Shelbyville, Kentucky which features two well-stocked ponds.  The weather this particular year was perfect --- clear and bright with just enough cloud cover to prevent serious sunburn on not-yet-tanned skin and warm enough for shirt sleeves but not hot enough to bring out the insects.  A perfect day for fishing!

Boy Scouts from the troop set up a dining fly then began cooking a picnic lunch of burgers and hot dogs while Cub Scouts and their fathers busied themselves with the more important task of fishing.  Moms and siblings were invited (as always), but this year's turnout from the pack was all male.

Nearly every scout caught at least one fish and most caught 5 or more during about 2 hours of "tournament fishing."  The longest fish caught by a Cub Scout was a 14" large mouth bass; one father had a 22" catch!  After lunch, the Boy Scouts conducted some casting contests then presented trophies to Cub Scouts in several categories before everyone packed up and headed homeward.

While a few of the Boy Scouts also found time to cast hooks into the water, their primary responsibility for the day was handling the logistics so that the Cubs could spend their time fishing and generally having a good time.  Everyone left smiling, so it would appear they accomplished their mission!

With two stocked lakes, scouts had plenty of shoreline to try in their quest to find the "hottest" spot where fish were biting. Got a nibble yet?
A father and son fishing together ... a great way to spend a Saturday. Ouch!  As Dylan found out, those hooks can be pretty sharp.
Mr. Harmon seems to be quite comfortable in his perch on the bank at the upper pond. Yes, boys, there are fish in these ponds!
Well, Carter, that's a good start, but it probably won't be the prize catch of the day!  Now, that's better! Chase waits while dad puts a different lure on his line.  Most dads spent as much time adjusting hooks and poles as fishing.
Troop 868 scout Trey gives instructions about one of the casting contests to the Cub Scouts. Cub Scout Spencer launches a cast way out there.
Fishing makes a feller hungry ... thank goodness for cheese snacks! At the end of the day, it's really more about spending time with friends than catching fish.