Troop 868 in Action
(April 24, 2010)

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For many years Troop 868 has hosted an annual Fishing Derby for Cub Scouts.  Initially the event was primarily for the Cubs from Pack 848 because that unit was our primary feeder pack.  But with the founding of Pack 868 and the growth of other area units who also feed boys into our troop, the event is now open to Cubs from any area Pack.

Troop 868 provides lunch.  Our Boy Scouts run the whole event from cooking the hot dogs and burgers to measuring and keeping track of how many fish the Cubs catch.  The troop awards trophies at the end of the day in several categories such as "Most Fish Caught" and "Longest Fish Caught."  The Boy Scouts also set up an area and conduct casting contests for which trophies are also awarded.

The Cubs get to catch fish and the event also provides an opportunity for them and their parents to see Troop 868 in action.  We don't do any heavy recruiting, but the event is obviously a great way for us to showcase our unit and, hopefully, entice Cubs and their parents to consider Troop 868 when the time comes to move up into Boy Scouting.

Upon arrival, Cub Scouts and their parents/grandparents went straight to fishing. Troop 868 Boy Scouts measured and recorded each fish caught.
Other Troop 868 Boy Scouts laid out an area for the casting contests to be conducted after lunch. Speaking of lunch, the cooking crew included Troop 868 scouts, Assistant Scoutmasters, and a troop dad.
Of course, the day was mostly about fishing.  And Cub Scouts caught plenty of fish. And dads caught plenty of fish.
Some of the moms caught fish! And even a few of the Boy Scouts managed to snag a catch or two!
Gabe got some help from Pack 868 parent John Miles with securing a hook onto his line. Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Adam directed the show.