Troop 868 in Action
(Saturday, September 28, 2013)

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For many years, Troop 868 has sponsored an annual FISHING DERBY to which Cub Scouts from any area pack have been invited.  But, as one might expect, most of the Cub Scout participants usually come from Pack 868.

The event is held at a privately-owned lake near Shepherdsville.  The Cub Scouts engage in competitive fishing for 2 to 3 hours during which time Boy Scouts measure and record the number and length of each fish caught.  Other Boy Scouts prepare lunch for the Cub Scouts and their families.  Following lunch, the Boy Scouts conduct casting contests in an open field.  Trophies are awarded in several different categories and the whole event is over by around 4 PM.

The intent of the event is to let Cub Scouts and their parents see and meet the Boy Scouts.  More boys drop out of the Scouting program at the end of their second Webelos year than at any other point.  This is because the transition from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting can be scary.  Our goal in doing joint Pack-Troop activities is for the Cub Scouts and their parents to get to know the Boy Scouts and the troop leaders so that they will be comfortable having their sons move from the Pack into the Troop when the time for transition comes.  The Fishing Derby presents a great opportunity for a lot of positive interaction to occur.

Troop 868 Boy Scout Matthew, Pack 868 Cub Scout Nate, and Pack 868 Assistant Cubmaster Steven Frank with the fish that Nate caught.. Boy Scout Matthew, Pack 868 Tiger Leader Chris, and Pack 868 Cub Scout Sammy.
Pack 868 Cub Scout Connor. Pack 868 Cub Scout Josh with his grandfather.
Pack 868 Webelos Scout Dylan with one of the 21 fish he caught this day. Pack 868 Cub Scout Donovan.
Pack 868 Cub Scout Jacob with Pack parent Jessica. Pack 868 Cub Scout Dillon with Den Leader Tamara.
Pack 868 Webelos Scout Tony is assisted by Webelos Leader Richard in removing the hook from a large fish he caught. Pack 868 Webelos Scout Thomas.
The Troop 868 lunch cooking crew included Patrol Leader Andrew and Senior Patrol Leader Preston. When it came time for lunch, the group gathered for prayer then our guests were served first.
Webelos Scout Rhys seemed to enjoy his hamburger. Troop 868 scouts went through the line after all our guests had been served.
After lunch, Boy Scout Trevor supervised one of the casting contests for this group of eager Tiger and Wolf Cub Scouts. Boy Scout Dawson did the same for Webelos Scouts like Garrett.