Troop 868 in Action
(May~June 2010)

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A couple of times a year, Troop 868 sells candy bars as one of our annual fundraising efforts.  Our sister unit, Cub Scout Pack 868, sells small American Flags on Memorial Day weekend and Flag Day weekend.  When we sell candy, Cub Scouts from Pack 868 help us cover all the work shifts.  Likewise, when Pack 868 sells flags, they call upon Boy Scouts from Troop 868 to help them cover all their shifts.

Often, a Boy Scout will be teamed up with a Cub Scout.  This is very exciting for the Cub Scouts, because they really enjoy working with an older Boy Scout!  It also works pretty well for the Boy Scouts, because people really like buying flags from the younger guys.

The photos on this page are a small sample showing a few of our scouts at work.  More photos from this activity can be found on Pack 868's web site by clicking HERE.

Toby and Tyler work a shift together at the Five Star Marathon convenience store in Shepherdsville. Austin works a shift at the Kroger in Hillview.
Jon and Dylan put on their "dog and pony show" at the Circle-K Shell.  Selling flags isn't all that exciting for older scouts. Nicholas and Toby work a shift together at the Hillview Kroger.
Tyler works a shift with Cub Scout James at the Circle-K Shell. Pack 868 Cubmaster Steven Frank with Preston at the Circle-K Shell.
Toby with Pack 868 Cub Scout Calvin at the Kroger in Hillview. Nicholas displays the dollar from his first sale.  We had several thousand flags to sell, so let's home this was the first of many!
Troop 868 Committee Chair Andy Rodabaugh briefly manned the post of a scout who went to use the restroom. Tyler worked a shift solo at the Five Star Marathon.
D.J. at Kroger Shepherdsville. Spencer at the Kroger in Hillview.
Gabe at the Kroger in Shepherdsville. Thomas and Dylan at the Circle-K Shell.