Troop 868 in Action

Flaget Trail and PLC Planning Meeting (August, 2001)

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Troop 868 once again attended the annual Flaget Trail program sponsored by the Lincoln Heritage Council Catholic Committee on Scouting.   This "walking tour" event rotates among different sites of historical significance to Catholics, but is of equal educational value to boys of other faiths.   The program this year was held at the Abbey of Gethsemani near New Haven, Kentucky and featured a tour of the monastary as well as a visit to the hermitage of Thomas Merton.

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The Abbey of Gethsemani (above) and hikers listening to a brief talk about Thomas Merton on the steps of his hermitage (below).

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Then it was back on the troop bus for a 20-minute trip back to Shepherdsville, lunch at a local restaurant, and back to St. Aloysius for a PLC Meeting to plan the troop's calendar of events for the coming year.

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Pictured at bottom center and moving clockwise around the table are Assistant Patrol Leader Jonathan, Chaplain Aide Ben, Patrol Leader Shane, Assistant Patrol Leader Aaron, Senior Patrol Leader Dave, Quartermaster Paul, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Alex, Patrol Leader Chris, Scribe Tyler, and Patrol Leader Sam.   Also in attendance but not pictured were Scoutmaster Freeman and Assistant Scoutmasters Berger and Meek.