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Flaget Trail (August, 2000)

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The Flaget Trail is an annual event in the Lincoln Heritage Council.  It is held in August and commemorates the history of the Roman Catholic faith in Louisville and the surrounding area.  The "trail" literally moves each year to a different site of significance to area Catholicism.  This year's event was held at Saint Meinrad Seminary (about a 2 hour drive north from Louisville).  The Flaget Trail is sponsored by the LHC Catholic Committee on Scouting.  Participation is certainly not limited to Catholics, as the sites chosen are almost always of general historical and cultural interest to boys of all faith traditions.

Troop 868 begins the hike along with several hundred scouts from other area units.   Our group included (L to R, front row) Ben, Tyler, Chris K., Jeremy, Tim and (L to R, second row) Mr. Meek, Florencio, Mr. Guzman, Chris G., Alex, David, James, Paul, and Mr. Freeman.  (Photo by Mr. Kmiec.)
The hikers pause for another group photo on the steps of the cathedral at St. Meinrad Abbey and Seminary.
As the hikers leave St. Meinrad, they walk through the monks' cemetary.
On the walk back, the scouts decided to do a "good turn" project by picking up litter along the highway.  Jeremy and Chris are shown stockpiling trash at the bottom of hill.  The troop later retrieved this garbage on their way home and delivered it to a dumpster.  At right, the guys climb the long hill leading to the end of the trail --- and lunch!