Troop 868 in Action

CAMP FRIEDLANDER (November 2004)

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This was Troop 868's first visit to Camp Friedlander in Cincinnati, Ohio, but it probably won't be our last.  Camp Friedlander underwent a multi-million dollar reconstruction that was completed less that two years ago.  The facilities were simply fantastic and the camp was fresh, clean, and beautiful.

The BSA canvas wall tents used during the summer resident camping season had been taken down, but the platforms and support structures were all still in place.  This was ideal for us, because our troop uses canvas wall tents and all we had to do was toss our tents over the metal frames and we were ready to move in!

We were surprised to learn that our campsite didn't have a latrine.  Instead of the usual pit toilets, Camp Friedlander has showerhouses with flush toilets conveniently located near each cluster of 3~4 campsites, so latrines in each site aren't really necessary.  Of course, the showerhouses had all been winterized and were locked during our visit.  Each cluster of campsites also includes a single latrine for off-season camping.  It was located near the main road only a short walk from our campsite, so it really wasn't an inconvenience once we located it.  Each campsite did have its own water spigot -- but we had a bit of trouble finding ours because we assumed it would be near the latrine that wasn't there!

We had several newer scouts and first-time campers along on this trip, so a great deal of the weekend program was devoted to helping those guys complete Tenderfoot and Second Class requirements.  Older scouts taught classes in woods tool safety and orienteering.  Patrol leaders helped their guys with fire building and cooking.

On Saturday afternoon we took a hike along one of the camp trails and ended up in Camp Lower Craig that adjoins Camp Friedlander.  Lower Craig is the Dan Beard Council's Cub Scout camp and features both a castle and a frontier fort that our guys enjoyed exploring.  We encountered Troop 850 from the Cincinnati area that was camping with Cub Pack 850.  They invited us to join them for Saturday night Mass and we accepted their offer.

Having church service on Saturday evening gave us some extra time on Sunday morning that the boys put to use exploring other parts of the camp.  Our visit to Camp Friedlander was fun, productive, and also relaxing.  We'd highly recommend the camp to other units.

Our campsite backed up to the river with a steep dropoff just beyond the camping area.  Part of the magnificent view can be seen behind SPL Tyler as he stands near the edge. Scout wait as Scoutmaster Meek and Assistant Scoutmaster Davis explore the frontier fort.  (L to R) Andrew, Tim, Vincent, Jeremy, Philip, Tim, Justin, and Trey.  (The woman was not with our group.)
The Cobra Patrol seems well fed.  (L to R) Andrew, Vincent, Patrol Leader Tim, Trey, and Justin. Tim and Tyler pull KP duty in the Falcon Patrol.
Scouts make their own trail down a hillside during a Saturday afternoon hike. The castle in Camp Lower Craig was truly impressive.  A frontier fort of similar size was a bit farther up the road.
Andrew and Vincent take a compass reading during a class on orienteering. Looking the way Philip and Tim are bundled up, one might get the impression it was cold!  Actually, temperatures were very comfortable in the mid-60's during the daylight hours.
It's Trey ... so we have no earthly idea what he's up to (and are afraid to ask). First time campers Jeremy, Justin, and Timothy pose for a photo with the camp sign on our way out of camp.