Troop 868 in Action

CAMP FRIEDLANDER (October, 2005)

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For our October outing, Troop 868 returned to Camp Friedlander, flagship camp of the Dan Beard Council in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The camp is about a 2 hour drive from Shepherdsville, so we arrived well after dark to be greeted by a campmaster who was waiting for us and promptly escorted us to our campsite for the weekend.  Camp Friedlander is not only a clean and beautiful camp, but their staff (both volunteer and professional) are extremely friendly and accommodating.

Having been to the camp before, we knew what to expect and were quickly settled into our site.  Camp Friedlander uses metal frames to support BSA wall tents for summer resident camp and they leave them set up year round.  Since we also own and use canvas wall tents, we were able to slide our tents over the frames and had our camp set up in record time!

The whole weekend was spent on basic scout advancement skills like patrol cooking, camping, and pioneering.  We also took several hikes around the camp as our younger scouts worked on identifying signs of wildlife and different kinds of trees and plants.  On Sunday morning we held our in-camp worship service in the camp Chapel.

Several scouts completed merit badges and numerous requirements toward Tenderfoot, Second, and/or First Class.  Temperatures were in the 40's at night and climbed into the 60's during the day -- perfect camping weather!  Overall, it was an enjoyable and productive weekend.

Senior Patrol Leader Tim gives Chris a few pointers on making mashed potatoes. Cobra Patrol Leader Stephen poses with Trey, Tim, and Chris.
Philip (Life) and Clinton (Eagle) head out on a nature hike with new scouts John, Adam, Nick, and Dylan. Tim, Stephen, and Chris climb up a ladder they created by lashing logs to a tree.
Jeff Brown enjoys Tom Kallin's attempts to hide his face from the camera ... seems Tom doesn't want his wife to learn that he knows how to wash dishes. Does the water really need to be this hot, or has Bob managed to put one over on us?

(clockwise from upper left) John, Nick, Dylan, and Adam all demonstrate
that sitting around the campfire on Saturday night was a popular activity.

Chris and Nick each grill sandwiches over buddy burners (portable camp stoves)
in partial fulfillment of one of the requirements for the Camping merit badge.

Taller scouts John and Clinton team up to take tents down from the frames. Tim (at left) and Philip (far right) show Nick and Adam how our canvas tents are folded.
The traditional final duty before departing camp is bringing down the colors. Tim, Philip, and Clinton look on as Adam and Dylan perform flag duty.